Sasha Buchert is a remarkable renaissance woman. An attorney, radio personality, transgender activist, and now a beautiful model for freestylepdx. We’ll make sure to get the saddest part of this introduction over with in the very beginning, recently this beautiful soul left Portland for a fabulous role at the Transgender Law Center in the Bay Area. 

But Portland is generous and we’ll share her light with the rest of the world. While in Oregon,  Sasha was the Communications Manager for Basic Rights Oregon, the primary organization working to ensure equality for LGBT Oregonians and served on the Oregon State Hospital Advisory Board.  

Shirt and skirt from the Wygant and Cleveland Collection

Umbrella from the Skidmore and Vancouver Collection

Hi! This is us, Emese Ilyes (left) and Jen Erickson (right) of FreestylePDX.

We are the twisted, twisted minds behind this experiment and we are also the luckiest gals on the planet or at least the west coast. We have been exploring the global garment culture for a while now and Freestylepdx has become a colorful part of that conversation. 

If you like what you see here on this free fashion blog of ours, you may be in luck! Your favorite finds on FreeStylePDX will soon be available for you to enjoy in the very near future. Until then, thanks for being you, thanks for thinking about the story of clothes with us. And yes, we love you.  

Collared shirt from the Sumner & 19th Collection

Purple jeans from the Voyeur Collection

Leg warmers from the Voyeur Collection.

Dress from the Hancock & Rodney Collection.

Shirt from the Sumner & 19th Collection

I<3 NY shirt and jean skirt from the Failing & Cleveland Collection.

Freestyle PDX would like to thank the delightful eye candy we call Mike & Mauricio. We hope you drooled over them as much as we did. Their lawyers have been knocking on our door all week. If you haven’t yet, be sure to peek at Mauricio’s blog and head down to VooDoo Doughnuts on 3rd Avenue and meet their most talented donut decorator, Mike. 

Thanks also to Brandon Sorg and Fine Print for supplying the location and photographic brilliance.

Last but not least, thanks to Dov Charney and the talented minds at American Apparel for the inspiration for our favorite shoot yet.

Check in tomorrow for behind the scenes footage!